New Case Study: A U.S. Issuer’s Experience with Visa’s IDX Solution

New Case Study: Visa’s IDX Solution

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Cardinal Internship 2020

We have many interns but none of them are quite the same. They each have unique hobbies they’re interested in and have gotten different things out of their internships so far!

Megan Knapp – Global Product Team

The Bobcat who loves to rock climb.

Megan is an Ohio University alumnus where she majored in visual communications. In her free time, she loves to rock climb! During her internship, she said she’s grateful for how helpful and resourceful the employees at Cardinal have been. “Even when I have a simple question, people will often go the extra mile to make sure I have a solid grasp on a concept.”

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Joy Wang – Data Engineering Team

The Spartan grad who loves a good thriller.

Joy just completed her schooling at Case Western Reserve University where she majored in statistics. When she isn’t working with data, she likes to read thriller novels to find bugs. We don’t think she’s talking about actual insects! She says that she’s learned a lot from Cardinal, including all of the tools Cardinal uses for data analysis.

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Sarah Yurick – Data Engineering Team

The shutterbug with the knack for skating.

Sarah is going to be a junior at Case where she majors in data science and computer science. In her free time, she likes watching movies, skateboarding, and photography. What she’s learned at Cardinal is to stay focused and be self-disciplined since working remote doesn’t always have hard deadlines.

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Devinn Kilgore – VCAS Team

The Zip with a keen eye.

Devinn is currently a student at the University of Akron studying computer information systems. In his free time, he likes to do trap shooting. Devinn said, “What I have learned is that I really like what I am doing through Cardinal. The internship has helped me realize where I want to go with my career.”

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Amogh Joshi – Agile Team

The Buffalo Bull who is anything but bullish.

Amogh is going to be a junior at the University of Buffalo where he majors in computer science. In his free time, he really enjoys cooking! During his time at Cardinal, he said, “I really like the agile work environment. It gives such good exposure to how people work in a team. I absolutely love my internship!”

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These are just some of our awesome interns! Although not all are featured, we can guarantee they’re all as great as the rest. Stay tuned for the final intern blog of the series!