New Case Study: A U.S. Issuer’s Experience with Visa’s IDX Solution

New Case Study: Visa’s IDX Solution

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Certification and What’s New with the Card Networks

CardinalCommerce is a Visa Solution. But we don’t stop there. We are also card agnostic. We strive to offer the most updated versions of EMV®3-D Secure for all the major card networks. 3-D Secure is a set of protocols that enables card issuing banks to validate that cardholders are who they say they are and reduce fraud in card-not-present transactions.

Network certification is required each time we certify to EMVCo to support a new protocol version of 3-D Secure. But how does certification work you ask?

1. EMVCo releases a new specification version

2. The networks review, and build out new program rule and spec support for any feature/function they will take on at a network program level

3. Cardinal works to slot development and roadmap support for new features/functionality based on the EMVCo spec

4. Since Cardinal is considered part of EMVCo’s Early Adopter Program, we have access to test our ACS, 3DS Server and SDK’s before global access is provided to all vendors

5. There are then three test phases a vendor must complete with EMVCo’s testing vendor(s) to become certified for a new protocol version:

6. When all three phases are complete and all vendor fees are paid to EMVCo, Cardinal receives a LOA (letter of acceptance) validating we are certified for the new version

When our LOA for the latest version is received, Cardinal can begin coordinating individual network certification timing and support.  Based on network availability, this allows us to send transactions down the newest version of EMV 3DS, to the network Directory Server (DS) to test that there will be compatibility between network, merchant, and issuer.

Currently, there are nine card networks supporting an EMV 3DS protocol and program. But with new technology that boasts streamlining the protocol and interoperability for all, new networks can be added.  Cardinal is unique because we support both issuers and merchants, as well as offer two SDK’s (Android and iOS versions) for in-app authentication. Through our merchant product, Cardinal Consumer Authentication, we provide merchants with choice and control over their authentication strategy to keep fraud at bay and maximize order acceptance. Through our issuer product Visa Consumer Authentication Service, we provide a data-driven, hosted solution designed to support an issuer’s authentication strategies with their 3-D Secure program.

In the end, not all 3DS providers are created equal. With more than two decades of experience, we don’t just know payment authentication, we actually love it. We have the proven technology, ecosystem of both merchants and issuers, and committed service the world’s leading brands rely on.

We know now is a time like no other. If you have questions, let’s talk. We can help you navigate the changing landscape and address your concerns. One day at a time