New Case Study: A U.S. Issuer’s Experience with Visa’s IDX Solution

New Case Study: Visa’s IDX Solution

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The latest version of EMV® 3-D Secure – Why you should be updating now

By now you are probably familiar with EMV® 3-D Secure – the set of protocols that enables issuers to validate that cardholders are who they say they are. The latest version of this protocol is EMV 3DS v2.2. Cardinal is already certified on this latest protocol with EMVCo and as we complete our testing and certifying with the card networks, we’d like to share with you all the new features and benefits.

Why is this important to you?

Because depending on where you do business, you may be required to adhere to government regulations that can be met by enabling EMV 3DS – such as PSD2 SCA. In addition, some networks have published security standards and mandates requiring issuers, acquirers and processors to support EMV 3DS.

Here’s some key EMV 3DS v2.2  dates to help keep you ahead of the game:

– September 14, 2020 – Visa will require issuers in Europe to implement EMV 3DS v2.2

– October 16, 2020 – Visa requires that acquirers ensure all gateways and 3DS Server vendors who provide services to their merchants have certified for and implemented EMV 3DS v2.2.

Now, here’s a sneak peek at some of EMV 3DS v2.2’s features:

– Ability to apply SCA exemptions

– Biometric and out of band authentication

– 3DS Requestor Initiated (3RI)

– Data Only

We understand this is a lot to take in.  Don’t worry – we have you covered. Reach out to us and we can help. Contact us!

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